Me! See the About section.


Stories! I used to be hung up on the idea of writing a proper book, but I decided I’d rather write serialized chapters in ongoing stories. These stories may be short stories, novellas, novel-length… I’m not sure. I may write in them, put them aside for others, then come back to them later. Long story short, I wanted more freedom than trying to write in a traditional sense.

All of my writing will be mature/erotic. Don’t complain to me about it. You’ve been warned.

I have no editor. All of my writing is slowly self-edited as I learn more. What I’ve posted here is by no means a finished product.


Since I don’t have a full-time job anymore, I hope fairly regularly. I have no idea how I’m going to do this and I’m recovering from burnout, so I’m not going to commit to a schedule. I’m going to enjoy the process.


Here! You made it! Click on the Chapters and Stories links above. Chapters are individual chapters in larger works and Stories will take you to each separate “book,” or however I will have organized them into larger works.


I got tired of being a lawyer.


With the rope in the conservatory.

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