Chapter Two

Lumi forms an unconventional bond with Tapio, a solitary forester with little communication skills. She falls for his resolute simplicity and quiet charm, despite his social gracelessness. Their bond grows stronger over shared meals, car drives, jigsaw puzzles, and a forestry convention. Unable to contain herself any longer, she finally confesses her romantic feelings for him.

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Chapter One

Lumi, a woman who inherited a cabin from her late uncle, moves to the small town of Kalakala, Washington. Though it’s a quiet town, Lumi appreciates the cabin and its tranquility. She forms an unlikely friendship with a Finnish man named Tapio, a local forest ranger. In spite of his reserved personality, they enjoy each other’s company, which mainly consists of road trips through the forest while on his duties. As the days pass, Lumi begins to enjoy her life in Kalakala more, eagerly anticipates Tapio’s visits, and takes pleasure in simple things like shared lunches and exploring their mutual interests in music.

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